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Roof Guard

Roof Guard

This innovative free-standing Edge protection system is designed to be non-penetrative, and so can be used on installations where drilling into the roof is not possible.

Fully conforming to EN 14122-3:2001, the Roof Guard can be used as either a permanent or a temporary guard rail, due to its ease of installation and uninstallation.

 How does the Roof Guard System Work?

The roof guard system is designed for flat roofs, or roofs with a gradient of less than 10%.

By using a counterbalance weight made from 100% recycled rubber, the system can provide reliable edge protection without the need to drill into the roof.

Benefits of the Roof Guard

  • Ease of installation
  • Fully conforms to EN14122-3:2001
  • Non-penetrative
  • Can be used as a temporary or permanent structure
  • Cost effective

Can be used on all roofing surface materials

More Information

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