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GRP Scaffolding Tube

GRP Scaffolding Tube

GRP Scaffolding Tube


GRP Scaffolding Tube allows the safe erection of temporary or semi-permanent structures in environments where conventional scaffolding materials are not suitable.

Examples include chemical process plants, the food industry, electrical or radiation hazard areas and in those situations where weight saving is critical.

With an outside diameter of  48.5mm the tube can be used with all standard scaffolding fittings.

Laminate construction: With a high glass content and a multiple structural core with a tough composite layer, the GRP tube has a high resistance to in-service damage.


GRP Tube Technical Data

Much lower modulus than metals, but an equal or higher strength.

Units Property Data
Axial modulus GPa 35
Axial strength MPa > 300
Transverse crush strength kN 100
Weight kg/m 1.7

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