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Scaffolding Friction Clamp

Scaffolding Friction Clamp

The Scaffolding Friction Clamp is used extensively offshore, here in the UK and Internationally. Used on tubular steel work it can be fitted to horizontal, inclined or vertical members of any diameter from 500mm upwards to enable Scaffold tube and structures to be built from them.

A specialist item within the industry, GR Friction clamps come with tested and certified chain to any length required for your projects.



Directions of use of the Friction Clamp

  • Use only the materials that are supplied with friction clamp. do not use any substitutes.
  • Refer table for size of clamp appropriate to pipe diameter
  • Maximum out of balance moment for rotational force is 4,5knm.
  • The load capacity of friction clamp could be adversely reduced by the condition of pipe surface eg. oily or rusty.
  • A protective layer between the friction clamp and the pipe could be used to reduce damage of paintwork on pipe.
  • Recommend the chain to be wound twice around small diameter pipes.
  • Ensure that the chain is not twisted or over-lapped when wound around the pipe.
  • Choose a suitable link to fit into the grab hook and tighten the tensioning nuts- with the torque wrench-to hold the clamp in the correct position.
  • Torque the tensioning nuts to 120Nm.

Although the friction clamp will have some resistance to loading applied parallel to the axis of the tubular member, it is intended to support loading applied at right angles to the axis.

The maximum permissible applied load and out of balance moment when applied as illustrated are 30KN and 4.5KN m respectively. The minimum length of chain required will depend on the diameter of the tubular member concerned.

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