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750mm Aluminium Scaffolding X Beam

750mm Aluminium Scaffolding X Beam

The 750mm Aluminium Scaffolding X Beam was designed to provide a lightweight alternative to the more traditional steel unit beams, with an unsurpassed weight to strength ratio it created an effective solution for George Roberts clients in all types of designed scaffolds.

Made from 6082 T6 aluminium alloy, our X Beam weigh 6.7 kg per metre and so are considerably lighter than the standard steel scaffold beams. Aluminium X Scaffolding Beams are designed and tested in accordance to BS EN 1999-1-1 Euro Code 9 and certified accordingly.


750mm Aluminium Scaffolding X Beams are available in the following lengths:  

  • 1m
  • 2m
  • 3m
  • 4m
  • 5m
  • 6m


The x beam has a unique x frame design and is supplied complete with a  quick fit connecting system using spring clips and spigots for easy assembly.
Main Features and Benefits:

  • Unsurpassed strength to weight ratio
  • Larger spans for less money
  • Reduces labour & installation time
  • Easy to transport and handle
  • Alloy construction makes safe handling even safer
  • Can be supplied with a specialist coating for use in Marine Environments, please see HERE for a Case Study using  750mm X beams

More Information

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