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If you’re new to scaffolding, you might be a bit unsure about some of the terms that get used within the industry. We’re going to look at some of the most important ones so you can get your head around them.



EN: If you see scaffolding items that have an EN number on them, this means that they’re certified according to European Standards. 


Tubes: Tubes make up the bulk of a scaffolding structure. Here at George Roberts, we stock galvanised, aluminium and high yield tubes. Try and not call them poles or pipes, as these terms aren’t typically used in the scaffolding industry!


Couplers: Couplers are metal elements used to assemble scaffolding tubes. There are various types, including single, double, sleeve and swivel. These four are known as primary fittings and are used quite frequently. We will discuss other types of couplers in our advanced guide to scaffolding terminology.


Gin Wheels: Gin wheels are appliances used to raise or lower a load without any horizontal movement. They are often used with rope, and are good for lifting scaffolding buckets and bags.


Scaffold Boards: Solid scaffold boards are used for creating a platform to stand on. As well as solid timber boards, we also stock and supply laminated scaffolding boards here at George Roberts. These particular boards are made from an engineered wood product called Kerto®, and they go through a manufacturing process that reduces defects typically found in solid-sawn timber. Occasionally, scaffold boards might be referred to as scaffolding planks. 


Scaffold Towers: Scaffold towers are designed for long-duration tasks when working at height. They are a good alternative to ladders, which could lead to falls due to overreaching or slipping. Ladders should ideally only be used for short-duration tasks.


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These are just a few of the terms you will come across during your scaffolding career. Want to know more? Browse our full range of scaffolding products to familiarise yourself with other terms.