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Scaffolding Safety

Universal BrickGuard APX-05 ZERO APEX Multi Pro Multi-Impact Helmet RGBT1 Beam Trolley Scafftag Scaffold Alloy Tower Tags Scafftag Ladder Tag Scafftag Multi Tags (boxes of 10) Scafftag Micro Tags Scafftag Blue Book for scaffolding Scafftag Yellow Book Graffex Swipe for Scafftags Scaffolding Tube End Caps Combination Scaffold Cap Scaffold Cubby Cap Plastic Foot Plate (Yellow) HD Plastic Foot Plate Scaffold Self Adhesive Warning Tape Scaffold Tube Sleeve (500 mtr roll) Cubby Clip and Scaffold Sign Scaffold Fitting Caps RidgeGear RGL13 Lanyard Harness Parking loops Jordan Clamp (Safety) SALA Suspension Trauma Straps 1.0m Rope Restraint Lanyard with Karabiners RidgeGear RGL9 Double Lanyard Scaffold Step Up Double Bungee Lanyard Scaffold Step Up Double Web Lanyard RidgeGear RGL3 Twin Webbing Lanyard RidgeGear RGL6 Single Lanyard Ridgegear RGA 1 – 2.5m Fall Arrest Block Ridgegear RGK 4 Karabiner RidgeGear RGK5 Karabiner RidgeGear Anchor Sling 6mm Lightline Scaffolding Gin Wheel Scaffolding Gin Wheel Rope Scaffolding Lifting Bags (40kg) Scaffold Supa Ties Fitting Scaffold Hook Coupler Scaffold Safety Signs Combination Ladder Access Gate Ladder Access Gate Spring Loaded Ladder Access Gate Ladder Hatch For Scaffolding Internal Scaffolding Tube End RidgeGear Extension Strap Miller Turbolite Fall Arrest Block Scaffolding Lifting Bucket (64kg) Braked Gin Wheel for Scaffolding RidgeGear Temporary Lifeline Ridgegear RGA4H 15m Fall Arrest Retrieval Block Scaffolding Light Vertical Mount Kask Scaffold Helmet RidgeGear RGA5 – Fall Arrest Block RidgeGear RGH2 Scaffold Harness Scaffold Fitting Armadillo Ladder Guard (Safety) Ladder M8Rix- Ladder Safety Plastic Brick Guard- Zip Guard Scaff Gap Scaff-Step Scaffolding Rubbish Chutes Ridgegear RGA26 Lightweight Fall Arrest Block RidgeGear RGA 2 – 10m Fall Arrest Block Universal Up & Over Loading Bay Gate

George Roberts - Scaffolding Safety

George Roberts know that scaffolding safety is a necessity. We stock a wide range of scaffolding safety equipment, including safety signage, safety harnesses, ladder hatches and access gates.

All of our safety equipment has been designed to help you comply with the scaffolding safety regulations in place.

If you have any queries about our scaffolding safety equipment or about any scaffolding safety regulations, get in touch with our experienced team today.”