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Rear view of male builder construction worker on building site wearing a white hard hat and hi vis vest

Recently, it seems as if there have been increasing reports of incidents involving scaffolding structures in the UK.

In this month alone, three people were injured in a scaffolding collapse in Reading, whilst one scaffolder was seriously injured after a fall in London. Just last week, a scaffold structure collapsed in Liverpool – no one was hurt, but the scale of the incident could have led to more serious consequences.

With this in mind, we’re going to assess some of the different risks associated with scaffolding, and how you can protect yourself and your fellow construction workers.


Prevent… Fire

an image of flames from a fire

When protocol is followed correctly, fires are rare within the industry. Despite this, it is always a good idea to have preventative measures in place.

Here at George Roberts, we’ve developed a Fire Resistant range to help stop fires developing on your site. From fire resistant debris netting to fire retardant scaffold boards, you can take a look at the complete range here.


Prevent… Injury from a Fall

image of the Ridgegear Lightweight Fall Arrest Block

Fall protection is very important, especially as falls are the biggest cause of death in the construction sector (with an average of 19 per year, according to the HSE). Whether it’s high winds, tripping hazards or simply loss of balance, there are many reasons why workers fall whilst working at height.

A vital piece of equipment that can lessen the impact of a fall is a fall arrest block. As well as reducing the falling distance, they are designed to lower the impact on the body caused by falling vertically. The RidgeGear RGA Fall Arrest Block is lightweight yet strong, with a range of lengths available.


Prevent… Collapse

Image of the Scafftag Blue Book

Ultimately, the best way to prevent a scaffolding structure from collapsing is to stay compliant when setting it up, and making sure it’s well-managed once it’s been built.

The Scafftag Blue Book provides an easy-to-use system to help you manage your scaffolding. Contained within a protective binder, it offers guidance on legislation compliance and discusses good practice within the industry. It also contains information about risk assessment, inspection reports and other certificates.


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