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Here at George Roberts, we stock an extensive range of scaffold tools. Whilst having a wide selection to choose from is definitely not a bad thing, it can still sometimes feel a little overwhelming! With that in mind, we’ve narrowed down our top 4 tools to help get you started.

1. Hammer

George Roberts Scaffold Hammer

Our very own Scaffold Hammer is a great choice for scaffolding and construction workers. With a forged head and a riveted connection to the body, it is incredibly sturdy and long-lasting. You can get it for just £29.00 (ex. VAT) with the option to bulk buy.


2. Spanner

George Roberts HD Spanner

We have a variety of high-quality spanners, but one of our favourites is the HD Scaffolding Spanner. Why? Available with different colour and handle options, the steel tool comes with a HD rivet attachment to increase its grip and effectiveness. Priced at £19.90 (ex. VAT).


George Roberts HD Spanner and Wrist Lanyard

For extra safety, there is also an opportunity to purchase it with a certified tool wrist restraint system. With this attachment, the spanner is priced at £40.00 (ex. VAT).


3. Tape Measure

George Roberts Stanley 5 Metre Tape Measure

A tape measure is another essential tool. The Stanley 5m Tape Measure has a strong outer casing, with a soft ergonomic grip. It also features a ‘true zero’ adjustment to ensure complete accuracy when doing inside and outside measurements. Available for just £15.73 (ex. VAT), it is definitely a worthy investment!


4. Scaffolding Belt

George Roberts Scaffold Belt

To keep all of these tools safe when you’re working at height, a scaffold belt is a must! Check out our very own tool belt, which is made from 100% leather and available for £14.92 (ex. VAT). With the option to add on a variety of scaffolding frogs such as the Single Tool Frog (with D ring), you won’t run the risk of accidentally dropping your tools onto someone below.


Check Out Our Online Shop

Hopefully you will find some of these tool suggestions useful. To see our full range of scaffolding tools, accessories and height safety equipment, have a browse of our online shop.

With our emphasis on low prices, quality and service, we are the scaffold supplier that you’ve been waiting for.