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man holding onto ladder in a construction site


According to a 2018 report by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), falls from a height accounted for over a quarter of all fatal workplace injuries injuries in the last five years. With an average of 37 height-related workplace deaths per year, approximately 40% of these involved ladders.

It is clear that ladder safety is incredibly important in the scaffolding and construction industries. Here at George Roberts, we stock a range of ladder products to help keep you safe on site. Take a look at our favourite equipment that will complement your ladders:


1. 315mm Ladder Guard

George Roberts new 315mm ladder guard

Ladder guards are designed to deter unauthorised use, and to prevent possible health and safety hazards in the workplace.

In order to meet and exceed the requirements of the HSE Safety Alert, we designed a new ladder guard with several special features. Our 315mm Ladder Guard covers seven rungs (ladder steps), which is one more than required by the HSE guidelines. It also features a heavy duty padlock and chain, whilst the rest of the ladder is lightweight and easy to fix in place.

Available at George Roberts for just £59.90 (ex. VAT).


2. Ladder Safety Hatch

George Roberts Ladder Safety Hatch

A hatch is essential when working at height, and our Ladder Safety Hatch is a great example. Its function is to close the gap where the ladder’s access point lies, in order to prevent workers or debris from falling through the potentially hazardous gap.

The ladder safety hatch can be fitted easily over the toe board by its U brackets. These are then secured with two bolts, which can be tightened with a standard scaffold hammer. The hatch’s orange colour means that it’s highly visible, and it comes with a latch to safely secure it into an upright position when access is necessary.

Get yours now for just £26.67 (ex. VAT).


3. Scafftag Yellow Book

Scafftag Yellow Book for Ladders

The Scafftag Yellow Book features an easy-to-use, convenient system for the management of ladders on your site. It can help you and your company stay compliant, and also inform you of good practices within the industry.

As well as guidance, the book also includes fault notification reports, inspection reports and handover certificates.

Order your book today for just £37.00 (ex. VAT).


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These are just a few of the hundreds of scaffold tools, accessories and height safety items that we have available here at George Roberts.

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