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Safety alert – Summary

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has recently issued a safety alert expanding on existing scaffolding guidance, in particular emphasising the importance of ensuring suitable measures are in place to prevent members of the public, especially children, from climbing scaffold ladders.

The safety bulletin states that where a ladder guard is used:

• It should cover at least 6 rungs of ladder ie preventing foot being placed on at least 5 rungs

• Must make each rung unusable – no more than 50 mm of rung should be exposed when guard is pushed as far sideways as possible

• Must not be able to slide over the ladder stile thereby exposing the rungs

• The guard needs to be matched to certain ladders and not used on others – i.e. a narrow guard is only suitable for a narrow ladder and if used on a wide ladder sufficient rung width could be exposed to allow the ladder to be climbed

• Must be locked or padlocked in place when not in use – Rope lashing is not acceptable

Preventing Unauthorised Access onto Scaffolding

Security of a construction site including scaffolding and ladders is vital to prevent unauthorised access onto scaffolding or other work platforms.

Falls from height from scaffolding or incomplete buildings following unauthorised access by the public frequently involve children and result in major and sometimes fatal injuries. Access points may be designed for access or be opportunistic.  All such routes may need to be secured by a combination of perimeter fencing, local fencing and ladder removal out of working hours, or securing ladders using a suitable ladder guard to make them unclimbable.

New compliant 315mm Ladder Guard by George Roberts

To meet the requirements of the HSE Safety Alert, George Roberts (NW) Ltd have designed, specified and now have in stock a new ladder guard that not only complies but exceeds the stated minimum requirements.

• 1,860mm high – Covers 7 rungs, one more than required by HSE Guidance

• Only 45mm of rung exposed (when used with a Tuff Steel ladder) – 5mm less than required by HSE Guidance

• 315mm wide – Can be used on other suitable ladders dependent on width of rungs

• Heavy duty padlock and chain included

• Light weight sturdy construction – only 4.4kg including padlock and chain

You can see our ladder guard in the photo gallery as well as a side by side comparison of the new compliant ladder on the left (taller and wider) against the old ladder on the right.


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