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We want to tell you about our incredible, unique product – the Cubby Cap. This is a product which fits easily inside scaffolding tubes, capping off the end and sealing the inside to prevent any unwanted item entering the tube or falling out of it. With over 3 million per annum sales to date, the item has certainly proven popular! But how did the idea come about, and why is it so important?

Several incidents have demonstrated the dangers and risks of uncapped scaffolding tubes, and these were the driving forces behind the design of the Cubby Cap. Reports have shown that open scaffolding can be very dangerous for many different species of wildlife, with animals such as spiders and birds finding their way into the tubes but then getting stuck. In Australia this has taken on an even more damaging form, with endangered species becoming trapped. A cap can stop animals entering, helping to keep them safe – a crucial step to ensuring that work sites are environmentally friendly!

Scaffolding can also be very dangerous for people working on site. An incident on a major industrial site saw a number of used steel welding rods slide out from inside a scaffolding tube and falling to the ground, only just missing the workers below. Since it is difficult to remove, a Cubby Cap can stop scaffolding from seeming like a convenient place to get rid of used up materials. A second accident involved a worker manually unloading newly cut scaffolding tube and suffering from lacerations on his thumb from the burred end. The use of the Cubby Cap would have prevented this incident from occurring.

We offer this problem-solving product at a very affordable price, flanged or unflanged and in a range of different colours as required. It is incredibly easy to insert and difficult to take out once it’s in place. A true innovation in the area of scaffolding, this product can prevent the kind of accidents that too commonly occur on work sites and really improve the safety of the working environment!”