All collections from George Roberts trade counter must be pre-booked. Clients with pre-booked loads must call the Hire and Sales Office to arrange access and to sign pre-booked paperwork. Access to the trade counter will be restricted until further notice.

Sales & Hire 0800 980 5130

We love it when the needs of the customers, the employees and the company itself all come together into one practical solution – and that’s why we’re so excited to announce the opening of our brand new office! A shiny new build with fantastic sales and trade counter facilities, it offers great benefits to everyone involved. The new capacity will be extremely advantageous in our ongoing mission to grow and expand as a company, and we are proud to have had the opportunity to build upon our current premises in this way.

The new office building will perfectly complement our existing facilities, providing us with more ways to serve our customers and deliver the high standard that they have come to expect from us. It is an example of our commitment to looking forward to the future of our business and ensuring that everything is in place for ongoing growth – and we will continue to invest in our company so that this remains the case.

One important benefit of this new office build is how it will affect our workers. A study conducted in London by Metro Design has shown that pleasant, modern offices are an absolutely crucial factor for employee well-being, motivation and job satisfaction. We firmly believe that well-designed office space needs to be both comfortable and practical, and we hope that this new building will help our employees feel accommodated by their working environment.

Investment in people is just one of the many ways in which we ensure that our company goes from strength to strength, and by helping all of our workers realise their fullest potential we are also helping our customers get top quality products and top quality service.

This new office build forms just one part of our ongoing business growth strategy, and we will continue to invest in many different areas, including both infrastructure and new product development. We believe that the only way to keep up with our customers’ needs, and to continue to supply the solutions which genuinely help solve them, is to continue to expand. The new office will be a very welcome part of this expansion, and a very welcome addition to the company overall.